Well it has been a year! In internet terms, that means that I am officially reborn as a completely new artist like Madonna transforming into the replicant phoenix that is Lady GaGa. So, here I am, without the support of some Monsters or the Navy (Rihanna) or Beyhive (Beyonce) or whoever follows people.

Even though I am a different sort of me since a year ago (I have a job! I have a professional Twitter account! I found out that podcasts are awesome!), I will be continuing to post about my sad dating life as seen below in various forms. To kick off this new post, I’ll begin by saying I have been “seeing” (lawd help me in explaining that vague term in 2014) this man/person/emotional anaconda for 8 months. It ended after my second dumping by him (yes, that is twice folks!) and me just begin really f’in fed up with feeling like I was convincing someone to care about me.

I hate to dwell (which is a joke because this whole blog is a long continuous trek into the past), so I will be somewhat brief about this ridiculousness that is my faux relationship. I want to make several things clear about this whole shenanigan:

  • Although it began with friendship, it really didn’t get real until people started touching each other inappropriately
  • He is much older than me and therefore should know better but did not act like it in any way
  • He continually told me things that made me think this shenanigan was legitimate until it wasn’t
  • He used his previous relationships as evidence in the murder trial that was my heart (Oh how dramatic!)
  • I am pretty sure I love him and wish I didn’t even now
  • 8 months is a ridiculous amount of time for anyone to feel any way near this way (if you are currently dating someone and you aren’t sure that they want you, LEAVE NOW! THIS FEELING WILL NOT EVER CHANGE!)

There are about a trillion other bullets that I would like to add to this, mostly with the hope that I will somehow feel lighter with this emotional vomiting, but I know that I will not.

So, just to be succinct, TLDR:

Rekindled friendship, friendship –> romance, entanglements followed by breakup. Got back together, then broke up again, eternally pissed and going to wallow in misery for the next 2-3 months (It’s going to be a shitty Christmas).

Anywhooooo, since I am officially a bitter break up artist, I will let this be my only post about this relationship. I’m back online (yay OkCupid!) so I’ll have some other things to share soon enough.


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