In an attempt to get to know her coworkers, my dear sister is hosting a game night. I’m a huge fan of games (see Games, Games post) and can pretty much enjoy any event as long as there is something competitive to do. Of course, I am going to present for this game night and will contribute to the merriment. One one problem: the set up.

Is there anything worst than having to clean YOUR WHOLE HOUSE in one night? Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to sound ungrateful, but dusting, sweeping, wiping, mopping, vacuuming every nook and cranny is un-fun. The main issue is that like very other A-type in the world I don’t just clean, I have to have perfection. Every dust bunny must be gone, every fleck of dirt removed for me to calmly lay my head. For four bedroom, 3 bathroom house that means 6+ hours of cleaning. My sister helped and my niece pouted her way through sweeping the living room but in the end, it was just me doing stuff that hadn’t been done for good reason: it takes too damn long and no one ever sits in there. 

Alas, I have finished this monumental task and am off to bed. The house is clean, My brain is pleased with my efforts. No niggling feeling of something being missed or unclean. After all this, I will play co-host to her coworker crowd and mostly pray that they don’t spill sangria on the cream counters or carpet. 


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